Children are Learning to Breathe!

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First Book Arrives in Denmark! Teach Me to Breathe Children's Book Alisha takes time to read about Jay and his friends!

Book arrives in Denmark
to excited faces!
“We are practicing our breathing!”

Kenny is excited
to receive his new book!

Alisha takes time to read about
Jay and his friends

First Book Arrives in Denmark!

4 year old Zosia in Maui showing her favourite page.

Zosia took her book everywhere with her and screamed with delight when she thought she saw the real Jay in the ocean while snorkelling for the first time.

I am thrilled as a parent to have this book in my hands: what a wonderful and simple way to teach our children how to breathe, we too should apply this simple method in life.


What a good book!!!!!
This book is well written from the beginning to the end. This is called a bibliotherapy book. And yes, you are very correct, when you said, that these are the types of books that are needed. Especially at the pre-school level. There aren’t enough of them. This is a great message for children and children of this age are easily able to relate to this little fish.Thank you again and I will definitely point parents in this direction, when they are looking for something that will help their child settle and calm down.

Judith Lanaway – Little Miracles Pre-school and Junior Kindergarten

Pat just loved your new book – it’s colourful, fun and powerful. What a gift to parents to be able to teach children how to access breathing exercises early in their lives. How I wish I had a book like this to share with my son when he was little, or even for myself when I was little for that matter! It’s also wonderful to know that every book sold results in a donation to a very worthy cause. Thanks for all you do, including the coaching support you provide me and congratulations on this valuable tool that will undoubtedly help many people throughout their entire lives.

Warm regards,
Sue Matland, Life Transition Coach