Delivery and Orders:

Books may be delivered by hand or by standard mail and may come directly from the TWR Positive Change Center in Vernon, B.C. Canada or directly from (or .ca). Book delivery time within North America is generally 2- 3 weeks and can be slower near the Christmas rush. If paying by credit card TWR Positive Change Center will show up on your credit card statement. All cheques or money orders should be written to TWR Positive Change Center and mailed to 8073 Baker Hogg Road, Vernon, B.C. V1B3S2 Canada. All money orders from outside Canada must be International Money Orders. We do, in Canada accept email transfers to

Book a Reading:

Lacey Irwin will personally come to your store, your daycare center or your group event to read the book to your children. We ask that you allow us to also sell our books while we are there unless special arrangements have been made to sell via the group as a fundraiser or via the store. In some cases travel expenses may apply. Lacey can provide a criminal record check where requested.

Please email us at


We love paying it forward and so are happy to help with your fundraising event. You don’t have to be a registered charity – just a great cause. We already donate $2.00 from the sale of each book to children’s charities and you can also use our books to raise funds for your group. Our fundraising is arranged via the TWR Positive Change Center (



We only collect information that is necessary to purchase your payment or to send you requested information. Your privacy is very important to us and your email and other information will not be shared, rented or sold to anyone else without your permission unless required by law, or to serve your order.

Any questions regarding privacy can be directed to


There is a close relationship between the website of and the helps people to create their books while the is about bringing products and services that promote positive change to the world. In some cases affiliate commissions apply though generally speaking items are not placed on the Positive Change Center website randomly. We do review all items.

Special Branding:

It is possible to have your company’s branding information inside or even on the back cover of our books. Author Patricia Indigo Irwin can also write and create a book that matches with your company’s values, mission, products or services. Email Patricia Indigo Irwin directly at

Wholesale Purchasing:

For orders of 10 or more books or please email

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