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Use these 5 Easy, Fun and Free Techniques to Reduce Stress for your Child

Catch Your Child’s Stress Patterns before Medication is Needed!

  • Stress in Children is Hitting Never Seen before Highs!
  • Stress can begin early and can escalate in Kindergarten!
  • Children learning how to achieve but not how to stop!
  • Over-prescribing in children – antipsychotic drugs as young as 18 months and often doctors are stacking powerful medications for potentially preventable problems!
  • Canadian Author reaches children through fun and colourful “coaching style” books

Patricia Indigo Irwin is a certified professional life coach and specialist in Balanced Achievement for Optimal Mental Health. Patricia is bringing life coaching skills to parents, caregivers, teachers and children – opening a conversation around the benefits of breathing slowly and deeply to combat the stress response.

I often coach college students or young adults in top managerial positions that struggle with self-worth when they allow themselves time to replenish their mind and body during high productive periods and so often they continue to achieve beyond exhaustion (their identity fixed tightly with achievement) The often end up in depression and can have suicidal thoughts. My hope is to catch our children BEFORE that becomes a problem.

Jay teaches Children to Breathe
Teach Me to Breathe Children's Book
Canadian Author and Life Coach Patricia Indigo Irwin is teaching children to slow down and breathe deeply with her funny and colourful book “Teach Me to Breathe” with professional illustrations, where children teach Jolly Jay the goldfish and his friends about breathing.

Parents have responded with surprise “My child does not know how to breathe effectively”!

Child’s book

Patricia Indigo Irwin, Author of Teach Me to Breathe
Patricia Indigo Irwin

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(2.00 from each sale is donated to Children’s charities.)

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