Congratulations on deciding to order Teach Me to Breathe your first Positive Change Center Child & Youth series of empowering, learning and fun books. Not only are you purchasing a book that empowers the reader to learn the importance of slowing down and breathing for a balanced life but you are also helping support children’s charities – Well Done!

If you have any questions at all please ask us.

Place your order for this fun and colorful children’s book about learning to balance and breathe.

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Teach Me To Breathe Printed & Delivered Book
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Book plus shipping, includes $2.00 donation to children’s charities

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Teach Me To Breathe – Digital Download with Full Set of Coloring Pages

Digital Teach Me To Breathe, PDF download with Dowloadable full PDF set of coloring pages $19.95

Teach Me To Breathe – Digital Download
Download pdf version of the Book $14.95

Teach Me To Breathe Coloring Pages

Order just the full coloring pages pdf download $5.00

Please Note: the TWR Positive Change Center is NOT a registered charity – it takes years to become registered though many of the organizations that we donate to are registered.


Charity for 2013

Neuroblastoma is a painful cancer that hits children. Due to lack of funds for research, the majority of those diagnosed will die. The James Fund is determined to change this. Read more at the website:  |  View the Brochure


All funds are kept separately from income and are paid out to the chosen charities at the end of each year. You are welcome to suggest a charity or group to receive funds but we do not guarantee that they will be chosen. Currently, we are working toward money for child cancer and poverty. Please see our About page at

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