Note to Parents, Teachers and Caregivers.
Congratulations for finding our new series for Children. We hope that you will enjoy our coloring pages!

How can we empower our children? It is not just adults that face stress – children do as well. Children are involved with busy lifestyles. Deep and slow breathing is one method to lower stress and reduce the stress response. Deep breathing also creates relaxation which has been shown to benefit the immune system while reducing other physical as well as mental ailments. Teach Me to Breathe is about children learning to slow life down periodically and to use deep breathing to reduce stress while having fun teaching breathing techniques to a goldfish and his friends.

Teach Me to Breathe is one book from the child and youth empowerment learning series created by Patricia Irwin, founder of TWR Positive Change Center. This series has been created to share the sometimes missed lessons of life. The series shares important lessons within beautifully illustrated stories around balancing our lifestyles, practicing slow and deep breathing, identifying current emotions and choosing other emotions when desired. The series also shares awareness around diversity and inclusion – exploring our differences while learning to accept ourselves and others.

The colorful illustrations are separate from the text to allow the children to first explore the images, to focus their attention and to learn to interpret details. Children are encouraged to participate and become open to communication with their parents and caregivers. With the text on a separate page, the reader has the option to show the text right away or delay showing the text to allow for a few moments of exploring the illustrations.

These books do double duty in that they empower the children who read them while raising funds for children’s causes. We hope that you will join us and discover more of our series. For added enjoyment, please click here for a free download of coloring pages that matches this book. Go to the to view more in this series and to download additional free coloring pages available on other book’s websites.

What a good book!!!!!

This book is well written from the beginning to the end. This is called a bibliotherapy book. And yes, you are very correct, when you said, that these are the types of books that are needed. Especially at the pre-school level. There aren’t enough of them. This is a great message for children and children of this age are easily able to relate to this little fish.Thank you again and I will definitely point parents in this direction, when they are looking for something that will help their child settle and calm down.

Judith Lanaway – Little Miracles Pre-school and Junior Kindergarten

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