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Use these 5 Easy, Fun and Free Techniques to Reduce Stress for your Child
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Patricia Indigo Irwin, Author of Teach Me to BreathePatricia Indigo Irwin always claimed to have “cartoon hamsters in her head creating funny images”. Some of these stories where first created to entertain her daughter and to share laughing moments. Patricia is also a certified coach and author of many other books that work around the possible prevention of mental illness while moving toward mental health for everyone. Her aim is to create STRESS less and Create MORE environments for our workplaces, our learning centers, our communities, our globe and our minds. Patricia has created books and programs on “thinking and cultural diversity” and how inclusion benefits all of us from our High Performance Corporate Teams to our Community Group volunteers – right down to our youngest change makers – our children.

It is a whole new world and our children need the skills of learning how to accept themselves as great and not broken while also accepting the differences that we see in others.

By starting children on the Positive Change Center’s series of children’s books you are helping your children, grandchildren and students to a great start in understanding and having the tools to work well with their future challenges. We teach the skills so that they can “fish” no matter what sea they are in or how stormy the waters may be.


Patricia Indigo Irwin, Author of Teach Me to BreatheLacey Irwin: Starting young hearing her mom’s stories, in fact the story about “What’s in a Name” came from the day that Lacey’s, at around the age of three, decided to name her cat “Possum” – it is a memory that still creates moments of belly laughs. Lacey grew into a creative, loving, intelligent woman with a kind heart and a natural caring to help people. She has a gifted ability to work with children – seemingly keeping her child like self within this empowering adult.

Lacey’s input into the series of children’s books and other youth and business programs helped to really make this a wonderful series.


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